Tuesday, February 17, 2015

      World Traveler Picture  (Sevens wonders of the world)
I had to do a project called world traveler picture where i put my self anywhere in world. I chose to put myself in pyramids.
Create a hybrid
For this project I had to create a hybrid. I chose a lion and added moose horns, bear legs, a tiger head, shark fin, also a fish fin.
Decorate a empty bed room
For this project i had to decorate a empty room. I added a tv, a bed, nightstand, and also a poster.
Colorize a black and white Ansel Adams picture 
This assignment I had to use a Ansel Adams picture. It was a picture of Agave.
 Colorize a black and white picture

This is a colorized black and white project. This project was called Colorize a Black And White picture.

Picasso-esque Cubist Digital Portrait 
This was my Picasso - Esque project I did Ariana Grande I split her face with two different pictures. I also put teeth and lips on her.